Early Childhood Outcomes Summary Form

Title AliasEarly Childhood Outcomes Summary Form
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The Early Childhood Outcomes Summary Form (ECOSF) is used by preschool special education teachers rate every preschool child with a disability using a 7-point scale to document the child’s progress in each of three categories.  The ECOSF captures information on children’s progress in the acquisition and use of knowledge and skills, (including early language, communication and early literacy), positive emotional skills (including social relationships) and the use of appropriate behaviors to meet their needs.

Type of DataOngoing assessment of functional child outcomes

Interactive Local Report Card - Power User Reports
Special Education Profile - Indicator 7

OIP(1) Identify critical needs, (2) Develop a focused plan, (3) Implement and monitor focused plan, and (4) Evaluate the improvement process

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires states to develop a State Performance Plan with annual updates. This reporting encompasses twenty indicators. Indicator 7 ((20 U.S.C. 1416(a)(3)(A)) addresses three preschool child outcomes that are measured by the Early Childhood Outcomes Summary Form (ECOSF).  This form gathers information from ongoing assessments, families and all service providers.  Districts are required to report this information twice per year on preschool children with disabilities.