Special Education Profile Report

Title AliasExceptional Children: District Performance
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The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA) requires states to annually report to the public the performance of each district on the targets in the State Performance Plan (SPP).These required reports must include the state targets for specified indicators, provide the district performance compared to those targets and indicate whether or not the district met the targets.

Data is based on 20 compliance and results indicators, 14 of which are district-based. These indicators include accountability measures filtered to include only students with disabilities, discipline data, least restrictive environment, early childhood transitions, and various process and compliance measures.

Focused Monitoring is one of the processes by which ODE monitors districts to ensure their compliance with federal and state laws and regulations applicable to children with disabilities. ODE selects districts for review based on performance data associated with these SPP indicators.

Districts have access to their own detailed data through their SAFE account portals (a Focused Monitoring role must be assigned). State-level reports for all districts are available online in Microsoft Excel.

Type of DataDistrict and state indicators
Data SourceEMIS, OEC
OIP(1) Identify critical needs
Password SourceSummary reports (none needed), detailed database (SAFE account)
  • Details on the State Performance Plan at education.ohio.gov (search: SPP).
  • For more information, contact Anne Skaggs at anne.skaggs@ode.state.oh.us or (614) 728-7850.