Get It, Got It, Go!

Title AliasGet It, Got It, Go!
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A preschool assessment tool useful in measuring children’s risk and progress in critical language and of early literacy elements that predict later reading success. These individual growth and development indicators (IGDIs) include picture naming, rhyming and alliteration.

Type of DataAssessment data completed by the child.
Data SourceEMIS

Interactive Local Report Card - Power User Reports

OIP(1) Identify critical needs
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All children participating in Early Childhood Education (ECE, formerly public preschool) are required to participate in the GGG assessment. All preschool children with disabilities are required to participate in the GGG assessment to be in compliance with federal reporting requirements. This includes preschool children with disabilities receiving center-based, itinerant teacher and/or related services. All nondisabled preschool children enrolled in a preschool special education classroom are required to be assessed.  The Get It, Got It, Go Score Interpretation Workbook is a resource available on the ODE website.