Kindergarten Readiness Assessment - Literacy

Title AliasKindergarten Readiness Assessment - Literacy
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Interactive Local Report Card - Power User ReportsThe KRA-L is required of all children entering kindergarten in public schools for the first time. The assessment measures skill areas important for becoming a successful reader. It also helps teachers plan for experiences and lessons that encourage reading.

The KRA-L measures six elements or essential indicators of success: answering questions, sentence repetition, rhyming identification, rhyming production, letter identification and initial sounds.

Data is entered in EMIS. District level summary reports are available on the ODE website. Available resources include: How to KRA-L: A Manual for Teachers and Other Education Professionals, KRA-L Score Interpretation Workbook, A Family Guide to Understanding Early Reading Skills, and a five-part series, KRA-L Training Videos for Teachers and Staff. 

Type of DataAssessment of literacy at the beginning of kindergarten.
Data SourceEMIS

Interactive Local Report Card - Power User Reports

OIP(1) Identify critical needs
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The KRA-L may not be used to determine entrance or placement in kindergarten. Students receive a composite score (on a scale from 0-29) which is reported to Ohio Department of Education.  The composite scores may fall within three score bands.  Each of the score bands has been designed to guide decisions about further assessment and instruction for individual children and groups of children. For more information, contact Lisa Usselman at