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Title AliasUnderstand the Report Card Results
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How does your school Measure Up? helps school leaders, teachers and the public understand, analyze and explain their Local Report Card data. It provides visual displays and explanations of all data pertinent to determining the report card rating for each district and building in Ohio, including the state indicators, Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), Performance Index scores, Value-Added Composite, “Safe Harbor” and performance of subgroups.

Key questions are identified in each frame to guide the data analysis. Measure Up has a number of features that can be used in presentations when delivering messages about the performance of a school to staff members, parents, school board members and community members.

Type of DataLocal Report Card indicators, Adequate Yearly Progress, Performance Index, Value- Added Composite, subgroup performance
Data SourceAccountability data (published at:
ResourcesLinks to Success website, D3A2 and related information about LRC Informational sessions conducted through OAESA-OASSA zone meetings and a variety of other meetings held around the state
OIP(1) Identify critical needs, (2) Develop a focused plan, (3) Implement and monitor focused plan, and (4) Evaluate the improvement process
Site HostOSU
NotesMeasure Up is a web site accessing LRC data for all districts, schools and community schools in Ohio
  • Data includes current Local Report Card data along with 4 previous years results.
  • Digital snapshots of charts can be easily copied, saved or printed.