OLAC Leadership Development Framework

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The OLAC Leadership Development Framework identified the most essential leadership practices across the following six areas that outline what the superintendent, district leadership team (DLT), and school-level/building leadership team (BLT) need to do to improve instructional practice and student performance:

  1. Data and the Decision-Making Process
  2. Focused Goal Setting Process
  3. Instruction and the Learning Process
  4. Community Engagement Process
  5. Resource Management Process
  6. Board Development and Governance Process

These core leadership practice areas are outlined in the framework and provide the foundation for Ohio’s improvement process, as well as the online performance assessment and professional development that are universally accessible to all districts in Ohio.

OLAC is a 50+member advisory and study group comprised of representatives of key professional associations, business and school board representatives, practitioners in leadership roles, higher education representatives and state department of education personnel. Co-sponsored and co-directed by the Ohio Department of Education and the Buckeye Association of School Administrators, OLAC was charged with identifying essential practices around which systemic efforts to improve leadership – at the state, regional and local levels – could be unified and advanced. Focus Area 1 specifically addresses Data and the Decision Making Process by emphasizing the importance of: 

  • Identifying, collecting, analyzing and effectively using data to identify the greatest problems to be addressed, and creating the kind of culture and expectation that supports effective data-based decision making at all levels of the system.
  • Developing shared accountability by broadening the concept to include “internal” measures that hold all adults accountable for improved student performance, rather than using only external accountability measures.
  • Using data to continuously monitor student progress against performance targets and district established goals.
  • Addressing achievement and growth through the use of research-based practices.
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The online assessment and modules offer any-time, any-pace learning and include content from national education experts, streaming video, Ohio exemplars of best practices and more.

For more information, contact Chris Woolard, Senior Executive Director, christopher.woolard@education.ohio.gov.