Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC)

Title AliasSurveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC)
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DescriptionThe Surveys of Enacted Curriculum, a research-based data tool that allows teachers, administrators and policy-makers to examine the extent of alignment between the enacted curriculum (what is taught), the intended curriculum (what is required) and the assessed curriculum (what is tested). The SEC includes tools to assist in the implementation of the new College and Career Ready Standards.
Type of DataTeacher data (instructional practices and instructional content); state standards and assessments including the new College and Career Ready Standards
Data SourceSelf-reported teacher data, and expert analysis of standards and assessments.
ResourcesAlignment maps of Ohio data, College and Career Ready Standards, access to other states’ data, national data, PD on “using data,” research on best practices PD: Series of train-the-trainer workshops focusing on using SEC in the data-driven decision making process. Some onsite PD is available depending on demand.
OIP(1) Identify critical needs, (2) Develop a focused plan, (3) Implement and monitor focused plan, and (4) Evaluate the improvement process
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Site HostWisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER)
  • Teachers must complete an extensive survey to receive the teacher data. Numerous orientation and professional development resources are available.
  • The tool is available for grades K-12 in four subjects: English language
  • arts, math, science and social studies.
  • A specialized English Language Learners (ELL) version of the survey has been developed.
  • Also includes extensive Instructional Practice data covering areas such
  • as teacher opinions and beliefs, professional development, use of homework and testing.
  • For more information, contact