Title AliasValue Added Comparison Report
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DescriptionValue-Added provides data on student growth on state assessments. At the teacher level, it is a required element of the new evaluation system. At the building and district level, it represents the fourth component of Ohio’s accountability system. Ohio's Value-Added system uses statistical methods to measure teachers', schools’ and districts’ impact on the rate of student progress from year to year. This growth measurement will enable schools and districts to better determine the impact of their curriculum and instructional practices on student achievement.
Type of DataDiagnostic data on state assessments, Accountability data, School Improvement metrics, teacher verified rosters
Data SourceAccountability data, Teachers verified rosters from Linkage
EVAAS reports include online diagnostics included student growth projections, and technical help resources.
Professional Development: Visit the Battelle for Kids Ohio Value-Added Portal for a list of trained Value-Added Leaders, Online Modules, regional training dates, and other resources.  
OIP(1) Identify critical needs, (2) Develop a focused plan, (3) Implement and monitor focused plan, and (4) Evaluate the improvement process
Password SourceProvided to superintendent who has authority to grant access within district
Site HostSAS
  • The secure log-in site to Ohio’s value-added reports for diagnostic purposes is It can also be found on the ODE website and the Ohio Value-Added Portal at:
  • If the superintendent does not know their username and password, he/she should e-mail to confirm who is listed as the district administrator and ask to have the login information resent. Superintendents should grant their District Value-Added Specialists (DVAS) with District User accounts, and principals with School Administrator accounts. Teachers should request access through their principals.
  • The public now has restricted access to EVAAS reports for diagnostic purposes at:
  • EVAAS reports now include a school search with a “similar school” feature for value-added comparisons.