EMIS Communications and Information

There are multiple ways in which EMIS coordinators and others in the field can obtain EMIS information and communications. This page includes where to find commonly needed EMIS information, guidance on EMIS communications, and a hierarchy of EMIS support.

EMIS Communications

  • EMIS Newsflashes.
    • Periodic communications sent to school district staff, software vendors, and other interested parties who work with EMIS data in some capacity. They feature late-breaking news and links to current resources and tools related to EMIS data reporting.
    • You can sign up to receive Newsflashes from any ODE webpage. Just click on the red envelope at the top of any page. You will be prompted to enter your email address, after which you will see a list of topics for which you can subscribe. Go to "Education Management Information System," and underneath that check "EMIS Newsflashes." Go to the bottom of the page and click on "Submit" and you have been subscribed to the EMIS Newsflashes. Our Newsflashes are also available on the ODE website here.
  • Twitter.
    • This account is used to provide alerts about data reporting from EMIS at ODE. Questions regarding EMIS should not be posed to us via Twitter (see below for information regarding where to get help with EMIS). Twitter allows us to more quickly communicate breaking news regarding EMIS and EMIS-related systems.
    • Find us at @EMISOhio and #EMISOhio. You can find our account here. Note that you do not have to have a Twitter account in order to read our Tweets, though you will need to have an account to follow us. You can sign up for an account here.

EMIS Information

How do I get help with EMIS?

There is a hierarchy of support for districts when it comes to EMIS reporting questions and problems. EMIS coordinators and the EMIS Manual should always be consulted first. When additional information or help is needed, the appropriate ITC should be contacted. When the appropriate ITC cannot answer the question or resolve the issue, the EMIS help desk is the next level in the hierarchy. Questions in the EMIS help desk are handled by the EMIS staff at ODE.

  1. EMIS Coordinator. Your first point of contact for assistance with EMIS is your district’s EMIS Coordinator. If he or she is unable to resolve your issue (or if you are your district’s EMIS Coordinator), then he or she will likely contact your district’s Information Technology Center (ITC).
  2. Information Technology Center (ITC). The staff at the ITCs are able to answer many of the EMIS questions received by districts. They are also able to resolve many of the technical issues encountered by districts. When the ITC staff is unable to answer a question or resolve an issue, they can post a ticket to the EMIS help desk.
  3. EMIS Help Desk. This third level of support allows ITCs to direct EMIS reporting questions or technical issues to ODE EMIS and the SSDT. Questions received via the help desk are answered by staff at the SSDT or by the ODE EMIS data managers.
  4. ODE EMIS. If the previous steps have not adequately resolved a question or if the previous steps are not appropriate for a particular question, the ODE EMIS staff can be contacted directly.

Note that districts that want to be able to refer back to a particular answer from ODE EMIS should get that answer in writing via the help desk or an email. Questions received via phone or email are referred to the ITCs and the EMIS help desk when appropriate. ODE EMIS can be contacted directly at emis@education.ohio.gov and 614-387-0395.

Last Modified: 11/30/2016 5:12:50 PM