In our continuing efforts to be more transparent about EMIS Changes and to provide the needed information to the field in a more timely manner, the EMIS change process was revised. Part of the new process is publishing change information on our website on a series of new webpages. This FAQ is meant to assist with understanding the new process and related terminology.

EMIS Changes

EMIS Changes

    What is a scheduled release?
    As part of the revised EMIS Change Process, changes will be released as part of regularly scheduled releases. The releases are on Thursdays and occur every other week. Very generally, this means that changes will be "live" as of the day of their release. However, depending on what the change is, you may not actually "see" the change for some time.

    For example, if a change is made to a manifest that is not yet open or to a report that is not yet running, you will not see the updates until that manifest opens or that report starts running. So if a change scheduled for May #2 impacts the Initial Staff/Course Collection and the Teacher Licensure Course (TLC) Status report, you will not see those changes until the following October when the Initial Staff/Course Collection opens and the TLC Status report starts running.

    Some changes, on the other hand, will be seen immediately. Documentation changes are one example. If the above change also includes a change to the TLC Status report explanation, that update will be posted as of the May #2 release date.

    Note that releases are referred to by the month and the number of the release within that month. In October 2019 there were two releases: the first on October 10 and the second on October 24. The former was the Oct #1 release, and the latter was the Oct #2 release.

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