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EMIS Newsflash – April 10, 2018


Adjustments to FY18 Data Collection Calendar
Today the ODE EMIS office is releasing an updated data collection calendar for the remainder of this school year. This calendar update is primarily driven by requested changes to the gap closing measures on the report card. Starting with this year’s report card, subgroup progress information will be included in this measure, which will enable more LEAs to show positive progress on the measure.
In order to complete the report card with this enhanced measure on time, ODE must transfer student demographic and assessment data to SAS much earlier in August than in prior years. Therefore, any collection that is used for the SAS calculations must close by Wednesday, July 18, with appeals requested by Friday, July 27 and any appeal data submitted by August 1.
This year’s earlier return of student test results to LEAs makes this schedule adjustment possible. The vast majority of assessment results that must be submitted to ODE will be available to districts on or about June 4. Therefore, even though the collection windows are closing 9 days earlier, LEAs will have data available to report approximately 26 days earlier than in recent years. This will give just over 6 weeks for reporting assessment results to ODE.
Since districts will need to focus on some student and assessment windows earlier in the summer to meet the revised timeline, ODE will provide additional time to complete collections that are not required for the data transfer to SAS. Several collections will now close on August 10, 2 weeks later than originally planned.
The following collections will now close earlier (July 18 unless noted otherwise) on the revised calendar:
  • Student Cross Reference (FY18) (2018SSCRS)
  • End of Year Student Collection (FY18) (2018S3TRD)
  • SOES End of Year Student Collection (FY18) (2018SBODE)
  • Spring DORP Assessment Collection (FY18) (2018AGDSP) [July 9]
  • Spring End of Course State Assessment Collection (FY18) (2018AGESP)
  • Spring State Assessment Grades 3-8 Collection (FY18) (2018AGNSP)
The following collections will now close later (August 10 unless noted otherwise) on the revised calendar:
  • SOES Student Contact(s) Collection (FY18) (2018SSSDT)
  • Calendar Collection - Final (FY18) (2018CFINL)
  • Final Staff and Course Collection (FY18) (2018L2FNL)
  • Other Accountability Assessments (FY18) (2018ANACC) [August 15]
  • Spring Alternate Assessment Collection (FY18) (2018AALTS)
  • OELPA Assessment Collection (FY18) (2018AGFSP)
  • Spring OGT Assessment Collection (FY18) (2018AGXSP)
The fully updated collection calendar can be found here. Please plan LEA staffing and work appropriately to be able to meet the revised calendar.