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EMIS Newsflash – April 11, 2017


FY17 Early Learning Assessment (A) Collection, v2
An updated FY17 Early Learning Assessment (A) Collection Request has been released. Please refer to the Release Notes for details.
Files Recently Distributed
A new student level file has been copied out to the data collectors. Please see the file name and description below. If you have questions about these files, contact Melissa Maynard at
2017D_CTE_TECH_SKILL_PASSED_<file date>.xls
2017 March D Follow-Up Concentrator Technical Skill Passage
The 2017D_CTE_TECH_SKILL_PASSED report is a student level file that shows if concentrators passed assessments that aligned to their program of concentration. This information will be used as Technical Skill Attainment measure on the CTE Report Card. The file contains reporting IRN, SSID, reported program of concentration, and if the technical assessment was passed. NO means the student did not pass the aligned technical assessment; YES means the student passed the aligned technical assessment.