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EMIS Newsflash – April 16, 2020


FY20 Spring Alternate Assessment (A) Collection, v1
Please refer to the Release Notes for details regarding this newly posted collection request.
Remote Education Services During School-Building Closure Data Collection Due April 24
The Department is collecting information on remote education provided by schools during the ordered school-building closure. This collection will take place via an Excel file distributed through the Data Collector. The file has 9 questions and should take approximately 15 minutes for your superintendent or designee to complete. The survey can be completed now. EMIS coordinators will need to download the file from the Data Collector and provide it to the staff member who will complete it. Once updated, the file must be returned to the EMIS coordinator for submission via the Data Collector.
The questions are in an Excel file named “ODE_schl_bldg_clsr_remote_ed_data_coll”.  The file is on the Reports tab, Highlights and Recent link, as a Highlighted file. If you have an older version of Excel, you may not be able to open the highlighted file and will instead have to use the file called “ODE_schl_bldg_clsr_remote_ed_data_coll-old_Excel_ver”, which can be found in the regular file listing in the Data Collector.
For districts with more than one building, complete a single collection with answers reflecting the overall status for your district. This data collection is for traditional districts, JVSDs, STEM schools, and community schools, except for internet- or computer-based community schools.
Once EMIS coordinators have the completed Excel document, it will be returned to the Department via a special collection in the Data Collector. The collection only includes this file—no EMIS record types are included. We expect the collection to be available at most ITCs by this Friday. We are asking all schools to submit the answers to these questions via the Data Collector by Friday, April 24.  More instructions on submissions will be posted when the collection itself is available.
If EMIS coordinators have questions on this data collection, please contact your ITC using your normal process for EMIS assistance. Thank you for your assistance in helping ODE understand the current status of remote education in response to the state ordered school-building closure.