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EMIS Newsflash – April 23, 2019


2018 Report Cards – Update to School Choice Options Table
On Friday, the Ohio Department of Education updated the School Choice Options table that appears on the “Details” page of each traditional district’s report card.  This table reports the number of students who reside in each district who are taking advantage of nine school options.  Previously, the data were reported as headcounts based on a student’s status on March 31st of the 2017-18 school year.  Because of the migration to ODE’s new data warehouse, the numbers now represent full-time equivalents (FTEs), and the calculation uses the last status reported for each student in the 2017-18 school year.  Some districts may see differences in their numbers because of the changes to the nine calculations.
Files Recently Distributed
A CTE related file was released yesterday. The file name and description have been included below as it has not previously been released. File descriptions for all files can be found on our website.
2019 MarchD Follow-Up Concentrator District Technical Assessment
Report is a student level file that shows if the assessments taken by concentrators who left secondary education in FY18 align to the chosen programs of concentration listed on the 2019D file. The file contains the following columns:
  • SSID, 
  • CTE_PROG_OF_CONCNTRT_CODE: chosen program of concentration in the 2019MarchD file, 
  • POC_FY: FY of the program of concentration in the 2019MarchD file,
  • TECH_ASSMT_PART: Flag indicating if the student is to be included in the CTE Technical Assessment Participation Numerator,
  • IRN: reporting districts IRN, only needed for ODE for file.