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EMIS Newsflash – April 6, 2015


Valid Certification Report Release and Date Check Accommodation
Valid certification reports have now been released to districts.
Based on the questions we have been receiving in the EMIS helpdesk, we are making a slight modification to the filters on the invalid cert report. This modification should help districts with many – though not all – of the No Enrollment errors they are receiving.
Part of the process for choosing the teacher who will be evaluated for the invalid cert report involves looking at the dates associated with the course. As part of this review of dates (student, course, teacher, and calendar), we look to the students enrolled in the course and their calendars – the most common calendar of the students in the course is used as the calendar for the course. Once we determine the calendar for the course, we only include student course enrollments that are within this course calendar range.
Based on the questions we are receiving in the helpdesk, it appears that the start and end dates on the Student Course Records are often being reported based on a generic building calendar instead of on a calendar that matches most of the students in the course, thus making the course enrollment dates fall outside of the range based on the most common calendar for students enrolled in the course. This is especially happening with calendars for seniors (often end a few days early) and Kindergarteners (delayed start on calendar compared to reported course enrollment dates) enrolled in courses where the dates reported on the course records represent generic dates for the building/district.
Since these few days difference do not have a significant impact on processing and to assist districts in alleviating this issue, which is new for this year, for the invalid cert report this year we will allow the course dates to fall outside of the range of the student’s calendar dates by a few days. Once we are finished with certification processing for this year, we will reevaluate if and how this rule should be applied to future years.
Note that we are seeing instances in which there is more than a few days difference in these dates. These records will need to be corrected. Until they are corrected, they will continue to be marked with an invalid cert flag of N with the No Enrollment error messages.
We are working on this now and hope to have it in place for the reports that will be received on Wednesday.
Please also note that the employment information included on the report – the position code and assignment area – is included for informational purposes only. The assignment area is sometimes being populated based on the first employment record found, which in some cases is not the staff member’s teaching employment record. Therefore there are instances where either the wrong assignment area or no assignment area at all is appearing on the report. This does not impact the invalid cert result. The position code and assignment are not a part of the rules for the invalid cert checks. If the teacher of a course is marked as not certified, it will NEVER be because of the position code and assignment area information in the report.