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EMIS Newsflash – April 6, 2017


CTE Follow-up Appeals
An additional report has been added to the March Follow-up Collection (FY17): (CTFL-003) CTE March Follow Up Extract for FFE - Approved Appeals. An additional 1,652 students for 80 Districts statewide have approved data appeals related to misreported CTE Programs of Concentration. 
If a district does not have an approved March D appeal, they will not see the additional report link in their data collector. For the districts that do have an approved appeal with 1 or more students added, please download the report and load the file into FFE (or your Student Information System, if applicable) to be able to enter the Follow-up information before the April 28 deadline. 
The approved appeal students will also appear on the (CTFL-001) CTE March Follow Up Extract (All Students) report with newly loaded rows sorted at the top of the report. Those rows will have a Date Record Loaded date of 4/6/17 to help more easily identify them. Additionally, 119 students from 13 districts have moved from the CTFL-002 report to the CTFL-003 Appeal report, which is necessary to keep any newly updated data organized together to be loaded into FFE.
For questions regarding which students were and/or were not approved for an appeal, please contact the ODE Office for Data Quality at