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EMIS Newsflash – April 9, 2018


Tuition Records for Period 2
Starting on April 9, 2018, tuition records for Period 2 will be loaded into the Tuition Module in ODDEX.  Period 2 covers enrollment from January 1, 2018 through June 30, 2018.  The 30-day timer for Period 2 starts on July 15, 2018. Once the 30-day timer starts, any records not flagged by the resident district will be auto-approved after thirty days if no changes have been made by the educating district. In addition, no new students will be added to the Tuition Module after July 15, 2018.

Also, please note that the last day to make updates for tuition students in Period 1 is April 30, 2018. Period 1 covers enrollment from July 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.
College Credit Plus Data Review for FY16, FY17, and FY18
The following message was sent to superintendents, treasurers, and community school principals.

Dear Superintendent, Treasurer and Community School Principal:

Please see the message below that was recently sent to colleges and universities regarding College Credit Plus courses for Fiscal Years 2016 and 2017. The Ohio Department of Education recently released student-level payment reports to colleges and universities for FY16, FY17 and FY18. At present, these reports only are available to colleges and universities. Student-level deduction reports will be available to districts at a later date. 

Colleges and universities have until April 20, 2018, to review these reports and make any changes necessary to resolve flags and outstanding issues. After that date, no new students will be allowed to be reported for FY16 and FY17. School districts will have 45 days to review and approve or flag any revised records. On June 4, 2018, the FY16 and FY17 College Credit Plus data will be considered final, and no further changes will be accepted. Any changes to the deductions will appear in the July or August foundation payments.

All entities are advised to work together to resolve disputes or conflicts. If the entities are not able to resolve a dispute, they can elevate the flag to the Department for review. 

For questions, contact
Message to Colleges and Universities:

Dear CCP Representatives of Higher Education Institutions:

You are receiving this email because you are listed as a data reporter or other staff member with a role for CCP, but feel free to forward to others at your institution that work with the CCP Program.

Ohio Department of Education released student-level payment reports for participants in the College Credit Plus program in ODDEX under the CCP dropdown. Once you select Reports, you will be able to see the information for traditional school districts for FY16, FY17 and FY18 and for Home school and Nonpublic School students for FY18. Current reports are tied to the student data that was used for the January 2018 payment. Later, there will be reports tied to the newest data.

The reports show students that:
  • Have been paid;
  • Have been flagged;
  • Have not been able to be loaded in OODEX;
  • Have not yet aged out (FY18 reports only).
Please review your reports and make any changes necessary to resolve the flags and any outstanding issues by April 20, 2018. After that date, no new students will be allowed to be reported for FY16 and FY17. In order to make changes to FY16 and FY17, please submit corrections or updates only (not the entirety of the term’s original submission) to the HEI CCP Portal. If you have questions about this part of the process, please contact the HEI Data Team at

School districts will have 45 days to review and approve or flag any revised records. On June 4, 2018, the FY16 and FY17 CCP data will be considered final and no further changes will be accepted. Please be advised that student-level reports only are available to higher education institutions. School districts do not have access to these reports. These districts’ student-level reports will be available at the end of calendar year 2018.

Your next CCP payment is scheduled for July 2018. This payment will include reconciliation for FY16 and FY17, as well as payment for calendar year 2017 summer and fall semesters and calendar year 2018 spring semester.

In your reports, you will encounter the following messages in the Status column. We have provided you with suggestions on how to resolve them.
Status Action for college to take to resolve
Enrollment Paid No action needed.
LEA Flagged-BEYOND_FULL_TIME Confirm that only district-paid courses are submitted to ODDEX.  Student self-pay courses should not be submitted for payment.
LEA Flagged-ENRL_BUT_DIFF_LEA_TO_PAY Student is enrolled in the listed district, but the district is saying that another district is supposed to pay. Look to see if the student is also listed at another district for the same course; if so, and the other district does not flag the enrollment, then ODE will move all the credits to the second district during the final CCP reconciliation.
LEA Flagged-ENRL_BUT_NOT_IN_COURSE Verify that the student did not drop the course before the course roster date.
LEA Flagged-ENRL_BUT_SHOULD_BE_ALT_PAY_AMT Make sure that alternate agreement was reported and that the IRN is a district IRN, not a building IRN.
LEA Flagged-NOT_ENROLLED Verify that the IRN as of the course roster date is correct. Verify that the SSID is correct.
Not Loaded to ODDEX--- Invalid SSID Format Submit with valid SSID format.
Not Loaded to ODDEX--- Invalid Student IRN Make sure that the reported district IRN is correct. If home-schooled or nonpublic, make sure that the ODE-assigned ID is reported (begins with CCP) instead of the SSID. Check OEDS for valid IRNs:
Not Loaded to ODDEX---invalid delivery method Submit with valid delivery method.
Not Loaded to ODDEX---Date too early for course year Make sure course start date and course roster date are both dates within the fiscal year of the course.
Not eligible to pay at time of payment At time of payment, enrollment was still within the 45-day district review window. Assuming the district does not place a flag during the remaining window, the enrollment should be included in the next payment.
Delete flag set to Y - course enrollment not in payments Confirm that record was deleted; resubmit with delete flag set to N if the student was deleted in error.

For questions regarding assistance on loading your files into IHE, contact

For questions regarding assistance on flag resolution, contact