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EMIS Newsflash – August 21, 2012


SDC Is Now Open

The Secure Data Center (SDC) has been updated with the latest data submitted and is now open.  

Note:  The Value Added data has not been loaded into the SDC and is not reflected in building and district ratings.

Known Issues Being Researched:

In some cases, JVSDs are reporting OGT test results for students who are also attending a traditional district or community school.  If the JVSD and the other LEA are both reporting the same results, the student is being double-counted for that particular subject.  In some cases, this could result in an OGT passage rate that is higher (if the duplicate scores are passes), and in some cases in a passage rate that is lower.  Less than 50 districts statewide are impacted to varying degrees.  Districts can self-determine if they are impacted by using the reports for analysis in the SDC to drill down to the SSID level for the 10th and 11th grade measures of proficiency.  Students being double-counted will have a count of “2” on this report.

A small number of students (less than 40 statewide) who were full-time open-enrolled into a JVSD sometime during their high school career may not be included correctly in the 5 year grad rate.  These students are correct in the 4 year grad rate.

Corrected Issues:

All other known issues are corrected.  A list of the corrected issues will be provided in a future Newsflash.  If you believe there is an issue that is not noted above, please work with your ITC to submit and EMIS HelpDesk ticket for research and response.


Please refer to the May 1st 2008 newsflash under EMIS Archives on the ODE website for more information on access to the SDC.

JVSDs and ESCs do not get Local Report Cards and do not have access to the SDC so they may ignore this e-mail.

It should be noted that individual cells in the Growth Measure Determinations section of the AYP Workbooks will automatically show Not Met for any subgroup meeting minimum group size criteria. This is simply the default case; it will continue until growth measure results are fully available and finalized after EMIS year-end processing is complete.