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EMIS Newsflash – August 21, 2013


SDC Now Open
The Secure Data Center (SDC) has been reopened for final verification prior to the release of the Local Report Card. 

SDC Release Notes
The Value Added data has now been included in all appropriate calculations and reports in the SDC.

Two new Progress reports have been added under the Local Report Card folder, one for building level information and the other for district level information.  The report shows the Progress (Value Added) data used in determining the Report Card Letter grades.

A new Dropout Recovery Program report has been added to show the Dropout Recovery Program school’s calculations for the Report Card.  This report will only have information for schools designated as Dropout Recovery Programs. 

When compared to previous results in the SDC, some districts will see small changes in a few calculations due to corrections of minor issues that had caused a specific student and/or test record to not be included in that calculation.