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EMIS Newsflash – August 21, 2017


Collection Request(s)
Please refer to the Release Notes for details regarding the following newly posted collection request(s).
  • FY17 Graduate (G) Collection, v3
  • Appeal: Student Course Collection (FY17)
    • There is no release note for this collection. See below for more information.
FY17 Student Course (GN) Record Correction Opportunity
In a recent review of student course data reported during the FY17 Final Staff/Course (L) Collection that closed on July 14, 2017, the Department identified potential inaccuracies in several districts’ Student Course (GN) Record reporting. Inaccuracies in this data may affect the 2017 Indicators Met measure and the 2017 Achievement Component measure that will be published this fall on the 2017 CTPD Report Cards.
The 2017 Indicators Met calculation reports the percent of CTE Participants who scored proficient or higher on each state test. The Indicators Met measure is factored into the Achievement Component measure. To be a CTE Participant, a secondary student must be enrolled in a state-approved, funded CTE workforce development course and earn full or partial high school credit in that course. Students who earn no credit are not Participants. More information about the 2017 CTPD Report Cards and these calculations is available on our website.
A number of districts reported Student Course (GN) Records where the High School Credit Earned Element (GN150) was reported with a value of “P” (Partial Credit), but the Partial/Override Credit Element (GN152) was reported with a value of 0.00. Even if these records are appropriately associated with a CTE workforce development course, in these cases, these students will not be counted as CTE Participants because they are being reported with no credit earned. Conversely, some districts have inadvertently reported students as having earned credit for a course in cases where the student did not actually earn credit for the course. As reported, these students will be counted as CTE Participants.
All districts have now been pre-approved for a Data Appeal related to this data. What this means is that districts will have a limited opportunity to correct this data, should they determine that the data is indeed inaccurate.
Reviewing and Resubmitting Data
Districts can resubmit corrected data to the Department through a special manifest, Appeal: Student Course Collection (FY17) (2017L0APL). This special collection is for the Student Course (GN) Record only. Please note that districts that determine that they have inaccurate data and choose to submit for this appeal must submit the entire Student Course file in the Appeal: Student Course Collection (FY17) Request and not just the EMIS records that were changed.
Carefully review your collection prior to submission. Take particular note of the number of records in the collection that were changed and make sure that matches the number of records you intended to correct. This appeal submission will completely replace the prior data submission from the district.
The Appeal: Student Course Collection (FY17) Request will be available until Friday, September 1. After the collection closes, districts will no longer be able to update this data.