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EMIS Newsflash – August 27, 2014


SDC Closing Friday Afternoon
The SDC will close shortly after 12:00 pm on Friday, August 29, 2014 and may not open again until shortly before the Local Report Cards are released.  Any districts needing information from the SDC prior to the release of the Local Report Card should retrieve the information before noon on Friday.
ODE EMIS Training Sessions Scheduled
ODE EMIS Training Staff are scheduled for visits to ITC locations across the state throughout the rest of month and into mid-September. These sessions will be conducted in a round table (discussion) format. Possible topics for discussion include: new collections for FY15 (Calendar, SCR, SOES Contact, Summer OAA and Retention); preview, level 1 and post processing reports; the data collector; general issues and questions.   Please refer to the attached schedule for dates and locations.
EMIS Coordinators interested in attending at a location other than the ITC used for EMIS submissions will need to contact the alternate ITC location in advance to ensure space is available.