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EMIS Newsflash – August 27, 2020: CORRECTION


CORRECTION: Retention – Grade 3 Only (S) Collection Reporting Clarification
Initially this Newsflash incorrectly stated that students withdrawn on the last day of the prior school year should be reported in this collection. This is incorrect. The italicized sentence in the text below has been corrected as indicated.

The new Retention – Grade 3 Only (S) Collection reporting rules together with the COVID-19 legislation has caused confusion for districts when reporting their data. The new reporting rules require districts to report a Retained Status Option for every student who was in their district as a grade 3 student at the end of the FY20 school year (even if the student withdrew on the last day of school, the retention option will be excluded and will not be reported to the Department). Note that many of the Retained Status Options indicate that a student has not been retained. Students promoted from grade 3 to grade 4 are not necessarily reported with an “*–Not retained”. Each student should be reported with the most appropriate option.

Impacts of the COVID-19 legislation are detailed online. Though there were COVID-19 required building closure changes that impact retention reporting, FY20’s grade 3 students can still be retained. Those who were should be reported with the most appropriate Retained Status Option. See the information on the Department’s website for more information.

If after reviewing this information you are unsure which Retained Status Option should be reported in a particular situation, contact your ITC.
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