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EMIS Newsflash – August 30, 2017


Course Credit Appeal Opportunity Extended
We have recently extended the Appeal: Student Course Collection (FY17) close date until September 13th. This will give all districts with students in career technical education courses more time to ensure that students are properly reported with actual credits earned on the Student Course (GN) record. As noted previously, districts should ensure that the correct values are reported for the High School Credit Earned Element (GN150) and, if P is reported for GN150, the Partial/Override Credit Element (GN152). ODE will use the data in these EMIS elements to identify the correct group of students to be included in the new End of Course assessment measure on the Career Tech report card.
ODE will provide updated CTE participant reports via the Data Collector in the next few days. These reports will assist districts with validating any data they have updated during the appeal window. Due to the need to review and update this data, the new measure using End of Course assessment data and corresponding achievement component on the CTPD report card will be published in October. All other measures and components on the CTPD report card will be published as planned in September.