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EMIS Newsflash – August 9, 2013


FY12 Graduate Reporting Period Closing Today
The FY12 Graduate (G) reporting period will be closing today. Districts have until midnight today to report any additional diplomas that were not included in the original FY12 (G) window. Districts are not required to submit during this final window. If a district submits, ALL graduate data must be included. It is not possible to only submit the student(s) missed previously.
SSID Deactivation for the FY12 Longitudinal Graduation Rate
Since SSID deactivations are handled through the SSID System the FY12 Longitudinal Graduation cohort and rate can be affected by this process. Today is the last day that a district can affect the FY12 Graduation cohort and rate through the deactivation of SSID’s.
As districts look over their Longitudinal Graduation Cohort reports they may see instances where a student transferred to another district but is still appearing in their denominator. If the new district reported the student with a different SSID, this may result in the student being included in both district’s denominator. If this is not detected until after the end of the reporting period in which the transfer happened the process to correct this for the Longitudinal Graduation Rate is through the deactivation of the SSID used at the original district.
The original district should contact the other district to determine the SSID the new district reported the student under. The original district can then deactivate the SSID they reported the student under, and report the SSID that the new district reported as the replacement SSID; this is done through the SSID System.
The Longitudinal Graduation Cohort process will pick up the deactivation and will treat it as a SSID change; this allows ODE to tie the original SSID to the new SSID and know that the student transferred from the original district to the new district.
Final FY12 Graduate Reporting Period Reports Will be Sent Next Week
The final reports for the FY12 Graduate (G) reporting period will be made available mid-week next week; this includes the FY12 4 Year Cohort report and the FY11 5 Year Cohort report.