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EMIS Newsflash – December 12, 2016


Update–EOC Progress Reports
Late Sunday, updates were made to 2 of the reports originally distributed in the Data Collector on Thursday afternoon. The updates replaced the prior versions of these reports:
  • 2018_GRAD_Cohort-EOC-Asmnt-Detail
  • 2018_GRAD_Cohort-EOC-Path-Req-Stat
If you downloaded either of these reports from the Data Collector before 9 pm on Sunday, December 11, please return to the Data Collector and download the updated version. Note that the updated files have the same name as the prior files, including the date (20161130), as the source data was still from a pull on November 30.
The updates to the reports were primarily on the highest score and graduation points listed for Algebra 1 and/or ELA 1. For about 1% of students, the highest scaled score received between FY15 and FY16 did not generate the highest available graduation points, as the required score for each proficiency level changed between FY15 and FY16.  An even smaller number of students who took the same subject test both years may have seen a change in other math and ELA assessments.
If there are questions on these reports, please use the standard support process (contact ITC, ITC sends helpdesk ticket to the Department if needed) and we will research and answer as needed.