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EMIS Newsflash – December 13, 2012


FY13 October Reporting Collection Request Update Released Today

An update to the Collection Request for the October reporting period is available today. All EMIS reporting entities MUST submit with this new version of the collection request as soon as possible, and no latter than the middle of next week in order to complete the count needed for the casino money distribution. This update incorporates the collection of the County of Residence element for use in this count.
We have attached the FY13 October Collection Request Release Notes to this e-mail. The Release Notes will provide pertinent information about the updates to the October Collection Request.

Add County of Residence Collection Request was Released Today

A new Collection Request for FY13 is available today. This new collection request provides a process to add a default County of Residence to the FS record for districts who’s SIS vendor is not currently including the County of Residence on the FS file. If you have the ability to enter the County of Residence through your SIS software you should not run this Collection Request. If your Student Standing record is processed normally by the October version 2 collection requested released today, you do not need this collection request.
Instructions on how to use this collection request for conversion of your FS data are attached. We have also attached the Collection Request Release Notes to this e-mail.

FY13 Processing Schedule Updated

The FY13 Processing Schedule has been updated and posted to the ODE EMIS web page; click here to go to the web page. The main change is the extention of the FY13 October (K) reporting period to February 22, 2013; however, the casino count due date is still December 21, 2012 and the December Child Count deadline still remains January 25, 2013.

Data Submission Requirements Document for FY13K Posted

Data Submission Requirements document for the FY13 October (K) Reporting Period has been posted. Look under “Data Submission Requirements” on the ODE EMIS web page or click here
Reminder – Level 2 Informational Errors
This is a reminder that most of the Level 2 informational errors are likely due to one district not reporting changes in enrollment after count week. Since these are informational errors and reporting enrollment changes after count week is optional, there is no need to contact the other district. They see the same error that you see and since many systems do not include changes after count week, the informational errors are not likely to go away.

Attachment - EMIS Release Notes 12/13/12 version 1

Attachment - EMIS Release Notes 12/13/12 version 2

Attachment - Add County of Residence to FS Record Instructions