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EMIS Newsflash – December 16, 2015


2014-2015 School Year Data Reporting Schedule Update
After a careful review of the current status of the data reported to the Ohio Department of Education, the many requests for extensions we have received from districts, and the timeline for the work the department must do to meet the Jan. 14 and Feb. 25 report card release deadlines, we have determined that we can provide additional time for EMIS reporting entities to complete submission of their Fiscal Year 2015 data. At a high level, the new close dates are as follows:
Submissions ending Jan. 8
  • Main end-of-year student data collections (20153TRD and 2015SBODE);
  • All third grade reading assessments (fall, spring and 2016 summer);
  • All alternate assessment results (2015AALTS).
Submissions ending Jan. 15
  • DORP, end of course, OGT, grade 3 math and all grade 4-8 assessments.
Additional details on collections not listed above and the changes in the timelines for appeals and other processes will be provided later this week. In general, none of the FY15 submissions will close this Friday, and all FY15 submission windows will be extended until at least Jan. 8. Also note that the extended close dates may not be reflected in the Data Collector before this Friday.