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EMIS Newsflash – December 19, 2017


Collection Request(s)
Please refer to the Release Notes for details regarding the following newly posted collection request(s).
  • FY18 Initial Staff and Course (L) Collection, v3
FY2018 CTE Funding Reports Initial Release
With the update to the Staff/Course (L) Collection today, you now have access to new Level 2 reports on Career Tech funding. Although some aspects of these reports are the same as they have been in prior years, there are 2 major differences. 
First, this report is now part of the automated nightly EMIS process. Each day’s submitted data for both the CTE FTEs and the needed errors/adjustments is included in the nightly updates, from all relevant collection requests (Student, Staff/Course, and Calendar).
Second, now that the report is automated, additional checks of the data and program approval will be included. All of the checks for FY18 are not included as of this release, but several additional checks will be added by the first of the year. We expect all checks to be running by the end of January.
If you have questions about these reports or any of the new checks, please let us know through the helpdesk.