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EMIS Newsflash – December 20, 2018


FY19 Teacher Salary Reports
Districts can now see Teacher Salary Reports for 2019 in the Secure Data Center. Three reports--one each at the school, district, and state level--show the average and median salaries for teachers (Position Codes 230 and 212) as of current reporting for FY19. These reports will update throughout the FY19 Initial Staff and Course (L) Collection, which is open through January 31, 2019. These reports preview the Average Teacher Salary measure in the District Details section of the annual report cards (district-level only).

Note. All staff-related report card measures pull from the Initial Staff and Course (L) Collection, so these SDC reports can be used as a check on the teacher salaries reported so far this year. Please refer to submissions of Staff Employment (CK) and Contractor Staff Employment (CJ) Records to review individual salaries submitted to EMIS. For questions about the reports, please contact Mary Rose at