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EMIS Newsflash – December 24, 2015


SDC Now Open
The SDC is now open and is updated with data submitted through Wednesday, December 23, 2015, at 5:00 pm. 
SDC Release Notes:
Know Issues:
The Performance Index counts and Index Points on the District and School Achievement dashboard report do not match the numbers on the Reports for Analysis Performance Index reports. We believe that the issue is with the Reports for Analysis reports and are working to correct the reports. 
There are some instances where multiple test records are selected when two test records are submitted for the same test administration (with different months for the date). In several of these cases a second record is incorrectly reported with a Score Not Reported reason when a record is also reported with a score for that same test administration.
The AP and IB exams used for Accountability in place of the End of Course Exams are not currently being included in the percent proficient calculations for the appropriate standards.
The Gifted ID status is being determined as of the end of the school year; starting with the FY15 report card, the status will be determined as of March 31st.
District and School Achievement  – The State Standard and State Indicator Met columns are not showing correct information. As a result of this the Indicators percentage and grade are not being displayed.
Corrected Issues:
K-3 Literacy – The process was not selecting the record with the highest score when more than one test record has been submitted for the same subject for the same student. This was causing the K-3 Literacy Measure to have incorrect information for the third grade students and is also affecting the Percent Proficient and Performance Index related to third grade students.