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EMIS Newsflash – December 5, 2015


2014 K-3, 2016 Retention and 2014 Graduation/Prep for Success Appeal Windows Extended 
The 2014 K-3, 2016 Retention, and 2014 Graduation/Prep for Success appeals windows have been extended until Tuesday, December 8th to allow districts additional time to review their data.  Please see the ODE website here for more information on the data appeals process. 
Clarification Regarding 2015 State Assessments
The following message was sent by ODE to superintendents earlier this week.  
In 2015, state assessments had two parts: a performance-based assessment and an end-of-year assessment. Some students only took one part while others completed both portions. The department has received questions on how to address these students in EMIS. Earlier today a department employee provided incorrect information about voiding scores for students who took one part of an assessment, but not the other. 
State policy concerning reporting results has not changed. Please use the guidance below when determining how to report student scores in EMIS:
  • In cases where the student took neither part, a scaled score was not calculated. Districts must report a reason why there is no score in EMIS. 
  • In cases where the student took one part, but not the other, a scaled score was calculated.  Districts cannot void that score. That scaled score must be reported.  
This is consistent with past reporting practices where districts were required to report all scaled scores.
We are very sorry for any inconvenience. For further information please contact Marianne Mottley at