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EMIS Newsflash – February 12, 2015


New Reports Available in SDC
The following message will be sent to superintendents:
Please review new reports now available in the Secure Data Center
Good morning,
The Ohio Department of Education is preparing for a late February update of the online school and district report cards, which will include several pieces of new information. The Secure Data Center is now open so that your district can review reports displaying data that will be added to the report card next week. The new data elements include:
Chronic Absenteeism Percentage – The report card will display the percentage of students in a school or district who are absent at least 10 percent of the year. To provide districts with information about absenteeism, the department has created two Secure Data Center reports. One report displays a list of students (identified only by statewide student identifier numbers) showing the percentage of days missed. The other report shows aggregate absenteeism data by band including students who miss less than 5 percent of the days in the school year; those missing between 5 and 9.99 percent; those missing 10 to 19.99 percent; and those missing 20 percent or more.
Staff Data – Three new staff measures will be placed on the report card:
  1. The percentage of principals with at least a bachelor’s degree and the percentage with at least a master’s degree, reported at the district level only;
  2. The number of teachers who have either a Lead Professional Educator license or a Senior Professional Educator license;
  3. The number of teachers by program area.
School Choice Options – This element reports the number of students who live in your district who take advantage of the nine different school choice options. The options include:
  1. Attending a school in the public district where the student lives;
  2. Attending a neighboring public district through open enrollment;
  3. Attending a neighboring public district by means other than open enrollment;
  4. Attending a site-based community school;
  5. Attending an electronic community school;
  6. Attending a dropout prevention and recovery community school;
  7. Attending a nonpublic school through the traditional Education Choice option or Cleveland Scholarship Program;
  8. Attending a nonpublic school through the Educational Choice Expansion Program;
  9. Attending a nonpublic school through the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship or the Autism Scholarship programs.
Ohio Test of English Language Acquisition Link – Finally, the department will provide a link on the report card to allow readers to view data on the Ohio Test of English Language Acquisition (OTELA).
Concerns about the data should be directed as soon as possible to
Several Other SDC Reports Temporarily Hidden
ODE is currently working on updating the SDC for the districts that submitted Data Appeals that were approved. Because this process reloads information for all districts, we have temporarily hidden the SDC reports that would be affected. Once we have completed and verified the data corrections, the reports will once again be available. 
Updated FY15 Initial Staff/Course (L) Collection Request – v5
An updated version (5) of the FY15 Initial Staff/Course Collection Request is now available. Please review the FY15 Initial Staff/Course Release Notes attached to this e-mail for pertinent information about the collection request.