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EMIS Newsflash – February 23, 2017


FY17 Traditional Districts Midyear Student (S) Collection, v3
An updated FY17 Traditional Districts Midyear Student (S) Collection Request has been released. Please refer to the Release Notes for details.
Updating Reports on Student Progress Towards Graduation
On Monday, Feb. 27, Ohio’s state assessment vendor will provide districts with a file that includes the results for the FY2017 Fall End of Course assessments. These data are reported via EMIS during the Summer and Fall End of Course Assessment Collection, which opened on Dec. 9, 2016, and is scheduled to close Apr. 21, 2017. During this timeframe, the Department intends to update the following three files in the Data Collector:
  • 2018_GRAD_Cohort-EOC-Asmnt_Detail
  • 2018_GRAD_Cohort-Non-EOC-Pts-Detail
  • 2018_GRAD_Cohort-EOC-Path-Req-Stat
To improve the accuracy, completeness, and usability of these reports, and, subsequently, your district’s End of Course exam reporting, we strongly encourage districts to submit their FY2017 Fall End of Course assessment results in advance of the report collection deadline.
All FY2017 Fall End of Course data submitted via EMIS by Friday, Mar. 3 will be reflected in these three reports when they are updated in mid-March.