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EMIS Newsflash – February 5, 2013


FY12 Yearend Supplemental Collection Request Released Today

The Collection Request for the FY12 Yearend Supplemental reporting period is available today. The availability of the Collection Request in the Data Collector constitutes the start of the FY12 Yearend Supplemental reporting period.
At this time, only Special Education records are collected and available for submission. No districts are required to submit this collection. If a district omitted GE records during the regular yearend period that are now impacting the December child count or state funding, the district can add those GE records to the GE records previously submitted and submit the larger set.
In other words, the count of GE records submitted in the supplemental period should be greater than the number submitted in regular yearend processing.
We have attached the FY12 Yearend Supplemental Collection Request Release Notes to this e-mail. The Release Notes will provide pertinent information about the FY12 Yearend Supplemental Collection Request.

Updated Data Submission Requirements Document for FY13K Posted

An updated Data Submission Requirements document for the FY13 October (K) Reporting Period has been posted. Look under “Data Submission Requirements” on the ODE EMIS web page or click here. The first out of compliance was removed. The final out of compliance for the reporting period will now be the only one.

Attachment - EMIS Release Notes 2/1/13