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EMIS Newsflash – January 4, 2018


Collection Request(s)
Please refer to the Release Notes for details regarding the following newly posted collection request(s).
  • FY18 Midyear Student (S) Collection, v2
  • FY18 SOES End of Year Student (S) Collection, v1
  • FY18 Initial Staff and Course (L) Collection, v4
  • FY18 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (A) Collection, v2
Assessment Missing List and KRA Supplementary Report
With the version 2 release of the FY18 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (A) Collection, an updated version of the Assessment Missing List is available. The missing list will have a student on the report if the student was enrolled at any point during the test administration window or if the student took the KRA and the student’s result is on the Testing Vendor’s file. If a student is on the missing report the report will inform you as to which assessments are missing. It will also indicate whether we are expecting the assessment because of the student being enrolled in the test window or because the student is on the State Test Vendor file.  
Additionally, a new report called the KRA Supplementary Report is available. The KRA Supplementary Report will list any KRA that is being reported to ODE that we are not expecting.  The assessments on this list have been sent to ODE, but districts may want to verify the need to report them. 
As districts submit their regular student (S) data and update their enrollment information, we will use that data to update these two reports. It is therefore recommended that districts review the reports periodicity to see if students have been added or removed based on the updated student (S) data.
Updated 2017-2018 EMIS Data Collection Calendar
An updated 2017-2018 EMIS Data Collection Calendar has been posted to our website. It can be found here.