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EMIS Newsflash – January 4, 2021


FY21 CTE Concentrators Appeals Open
From Monday, January 4 through Friday, January 22, superintendents of traditional districts, community schools, and joint vocational school districts required to report career-technical education follow-up data in EMIS may review the students included in their 2021 March (D) lists. If the list is incorrect due to misreporting of concentrator data in EMIS, please review the guidance document for completing an appeal. Use the form in OH|ID titled Data Appeal for CTE March Concentrators.
Note that all appeal forms in OH|ID must include corrected student level data in the 2021 Concentrators Appeal Student Data template in the Upload Data section. To ensure your appeal is reviewed by the Department, make sure the spreadsheet is complete and accurate.
This is the only opportunity to update the students on your March (D) list. Districts will be able to appeal placement and assessment data during the March (D) appeal process after March (D) closes. However, there will be no changes to the list of students after the January 22 deadline.
The superintendent, EMIS coordinator, and superintendent designee have access to complete the appeal form. However, it is not officially submitted to the Department until the superintendent completes the approval process.
For questions regarding the data appeals process, please contact the Office of Data Quality.
For questions about CTE related data or calculations, please contact
For questions about the data included in and the reporting of your March file, please submit a ticket to the EMIS Helpdesk via your ITC.