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EMIS Newsflash – July 1, 2020


Diploma Date Element Clarification
The definition of the Diploma Data Element in EMIS Manual Section 2.6: Student Attributes–No Date (FN) Record is “the date the student received his/her diploma.” To count in the FY20 graduation rate, a student’s Diploma Date must be prior to the earliest first day of school being reported on a district’s FY21 calendars. Given the ordered school building closure this spring, many districts are planning delayed ceremonies that will ultimately take place after the earliest first day of school for the coming school year.
To clarify the reporting of this element, the Diploma Date reported should not be the date that students receive their physical diplomas. The Diploma Date reported should be the date that students completed graduation requirements and finished formal secondary education. In the vast majority of cases, that will be the last day of school for seniors in a given district.
We understand there has been confusion about this reporting this year and hope that this clarification is helpful. If you still have questions about reporting the Diploma Date Element, please contact your ITC.
Updates Due to Ohio’s Ordered School-Building Closure
The Department has created a coronavirus-specific page that is updated regularly to provide Ohio’s schools and districts with information and resources during Ohio’s ordered school-building closure. Data Reporting for Students with Disabilities FAQ has recently been posted. This FAQ is to assist districts with EMIS reporting in instances where they are unable to complete special education events within federal timelines due to Ohio’s ordered school-building closure and other related topics.
EMIS ITC Conference Call Notes
The notes for the June 29, 2020, ITC Conference Call have been posted. You can find a short description of the purpose of the calls along with a link to the notes on the EMIS website.