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EMIS Newsflash – July 10, 2013


New “Local Report Card” Report Now Available

The SDC “Gap Closing” report is now available to districts. The report is in the folder labeled “Local Report Card” under the “Shared Reports” folder.   The "Gap Closing" report is a new report that aligns with the Gap Closing component of the new Report Card. 

SDC Summary Reports Release Notes

Corrected Issues:

On the Achievement report standards measure the grade scale listed on the report was incorrect. This has now been corrected; the displayed grade was correct.

On the Achievement report PI score , rounding of the PI score to one decimal place was occurring after the grade was assigned, resulting in a few districts at the grade cutoff receiving a lower grade.  Reports now reflect rounding to one decimal place before the grade is determined.

Known Issues Being Researched:

On the Gap Closing report, a very small number (less than 0.5% statewide) of final letter grade demotions are being investigated.  The demotions in question are related to a low attendance rate for a subgroup.