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EMIS Newsflash – July 12, 2016


Updated FY16 March Follow-up (D) Collection Request - v4
An updated version (4) of the FY16 March Follow-up (D) Collection Request has been released. Please refer to the Release Notes for details.
Reminder:  New EL Status Option for FY16
Please refer to EMIS Manual Section 2.5, version 5.0, for reporting instructions.  The ODE Office of Communication and Outreach sent the following bulletin to District, Community School and ESC Superintendents and Testing Coordinators this morning.
Reminder: Use of new Enaglish Learners Status Element Code (“S” Code) in EMIS for 2016 Ohio School Report Cards
As you are aware, Ohio was granted a waiver from the U.S. Department of Education to exempt first- and second-year English learner (EL) students from all proficiency calculations. However, these students must be included in the growth calculations in their second year. 

This is a reminder that the department will use the “S” code to remove second-year students from the appropriate proficiency calculations. These calculations include the Indicators Met calculation, the Performance Index score calculation and the proficiency calculations for English language arts and mathematics tests for Annual Measurable Objective (AMO) purposes. Only those districts that choose to exercise the option to use the “S” code will see the students removed. 
The EMIS reporting window is open through July 29, 2016. If your district did not exercise its option to use this code and instead has coded second-year EL students with the “Y” code, you still have time to make a change to the coding and use the new “S” code to identify your second-year students.
Please talk today with your EMIS coordinator about your district’s coding for English Learners that impacts the 2016 Ohio School Report Cards.
For questions about ELL waivers, contact Marianne E. Mottley at (614) 995-9944 | (877) 644-6338 or
For EMIS reporting questions, contact your ITC.
SDC Now Open
The SDC is now open for review of many of the reports related to the FY16 Local Report Card data. 
SDC Release Notes
Changes/Corrections since July 07, 2016:
The spring End of Course assessments had not been loading into the SDC; this has been corrected.
For additional information, please refer to the Secure Data Center - Status of Reports document posted on ODE’s website.