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EMIS Newsflash – July 12, 2019


FY19 Child Outcome Summary Assessment (A) Collection Extended
Originally scheduled to close Friday, July 12, this collection will now close on Friday, August 30, 2019.
Medical Waiver Reminder
When submitting a request for a medical waiver for a student, a Student Assessment (FA) Record should still be reported for the relevant assessment(s). Report the most appropriate Score Not Reported Option. If the waiver is approved, the Score Not Reported Option will be updated to an “M” at the Department. If the waiver is not approved, the Score Not Reported Option reported will remain.
May/June ODE ITC EMIS Training Skype Session Posted
Beginning with the May/June training, the Skype session held at the end of each round of ODE ITC EMIS Training to accommodate those unable to attend in person is now being recorded. These recordings will be made available for a limited time on the EMIS website.
The June 21 Skype Session was the first to be recorded and is now available on our website. You can find it under “May 29–June 20 Schedule” on the EMIS Training page.
New EMIS Coordinator Training
The Ohio Department of Education will be hosting a full day (8:15 am to 3:00 pm) New EMIS Coordinator Training for any EMIS Coordinators with 3 or fewer years of experience.
Two different dates will be offered: Monday, August 5, 2019, and Friday, August 23, 2019. Interested participants select their date preference at the time of registration.
Please Note: Register for only one session. The two sessions are the same and there is not enough space for people to attend both. If your chosen session is full, we will place you in the other session if space allows.
Training registration is now available in the STARS application. Space is limited, and prior registration is required.
All registrants are initially placed on a waitlist. This is to ensure that there is enough seating available and to allow new coordinators priority registration. You will receive an email notification of your placement on the waitlist. If you do not receive such a notification, then either you did not complete the registration process (be sure to click the final confirmation button) or your email in STARS is not up to date.
You will receive a second notification email when you are removed from the waitlist. This notice will inform you either that your registration has been confirmed or that your registration has been cancelled.
The registration deadline for August 5 is Tuesday, July 30, 2019, at 5:00 pm. The registration deadline for August 23 is Monday, August 19, 2019, at 5:00 pm.
To register, participants must have an OH|ID account within which they have setup a Department of Education Profile (look for “How To Create a New OH|ID Account and Department of Education Profile”). Once those are set up, complete a STARS User Profile. Search for keyword “EMIS” within the STARS application to locate the training. For additional information on using STARS, please click here.
Files Recently Distributed
New files were copied out to the data collectors yesterday afternoon. The file name and description are included below. This file description can also be found on our website.
2019_DORP_Assessment_Pass_Rate_SSIDs_<file date>.xls
Dropout Prevention and Recovery Report Card Assessment Passage Rate Information
This file contains one tab (ASSESSPASS_SSIDS) specifying which SSIDs are included in the numerator and denominator of the Assessment Passage Rate for Dropout Prevention and Recovery (DPR) Schools. The tab contains the SSID and two additional columns indicating whether the student is included in the numerator and/or denominator of the calculation (SSID_in_Denominator and SSID_in_Numerator). A “Yes” indicates the student was included and a “No” indicates the student was not included. For questions about this report, please contact Karlyn Geis ( or 1-614-466-9208).