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EMIS Newsflash – July 13, 2018


New Level 2 Report Now Available for CTE Reporting
FY2018 CTE Concentrator
Four new reports are now available to districts offering CTE education to assist with reviewing CTE Program of Concentration data. This data will impact a majority of the measures on the 2019 CTE Report Card, as well as, which students are included in the 2019 March (D) Follow up file. Please see the General Issues Report Explanation for a more detailed explanation of each check. For questions, contact or
  • IS0439 – Student level report. Indicates if the reported course(s) align to the student's reported CTE Program of Concentration.
  • IS0440 – Student level report. Indicates if the student meets the definition of a CTE Concentrator in the district.
  • IS0441 – District summary of the total count of students who were funded in a CTE workforce development (WFD) course in the district, count of students who met the definition of a CTE Concentrator and count of students who do not meet the definition of a CTE Concentrator.
  • IS0442 – Student level report. Indicates if the student meets the definition of a CTE Concentrator in the reporting district and the CTPD (distributed to the lead district).

Identifiable and Confidential Student Information
A reminder that the EMIS department cannot legally possess identifiable information about students. This includes student names and addresses and SSNs. When contacting a data manager at the Department for assistance with your EMIS data/reports, do not include student names or addresses or other identifiable information.
Additionally, student information—including SSIDs—should not be sent over insecure email. If it is necessary to send SSIDs, please work with your contact at the Department to determine how to send them.
When contacting staff in EMIS or in business offices for assistance with EMIS reports, do not include copies of reports that contain student names or information. All data managers have access to the Report Collector, which allows access to a version of your reports that does not contain information we are not legally allowed to possess. Providing the reporting IRN, report name, and error name/number is sufficient information for us to assist you in most cases.