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EMIS Newsflash – July 29, 2015


New FY16 Initial Calendar (C) Collection Request
A new FY16 Initial Calendar (C) Collection Request is now available.  Please review the FY16 Initial Calendar (C) Collection Release Notes attached to this e-mail for pertinent information about the collection request.
Majority of Attendance IRN Reporting Clarification
We have received some questions about what JVSDs would report for the Majority of Attendance (MOA) IRN element, so we are providing the following clarification:
JVSDs should report the MOA IRN as it is populated by their software vendor.  We will not be using the MOA IRN information as reported by the JVSD, but we are also not requiring it to be reported as a specific value.  If the JVSD’s software is populating the element with a JVSD building IRN or the JVSD district IRN, they can continue to do so.  The data element can also be populated with ‘******’.  The validation check on MOA for JVSDs will be removed from the collection request.
ESC’s would report the element as they normally have in the past.  If the student is enrolled in the ESC from the Friday of the first full week of October through March 19th, the ESC would report the IRN of the ESC for the MOA IRN; otherwise the ESC would report ‘******’ in the MOA IRN.
Traditional districts report the MOA IRN element appropriately for any student the district educated at any point during the school year (District Relationship = 1).  Additionally, the district would report the element for any student reported at any point during the school year with a District Relationship of 2 or 3 and a Sent Reason codes of ‘CT’, ‘JV’, ‘ES’, ‘MR’, ‘OS’, or ‘PI’.  If the student was reported for the entire school year with a District Relationship of ‘2’ or ‘3’ and does not have one of the Sent Reason codes listed above, the district can report ‘******’ or the IRN that is populated by the software vendor.