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EMIS Newsflash – July 3, 2019


Files Recently Distributed
New files were copied out to the data collectors yesterday afternoon. The file name and description is included below. This file description can also be found on our website.
NWEA MAP Participation Rate Information for Fall and Spring
This file contains two tabs (FALL_PARTICIPATION and SPRING_PARTICIPATION) specifying which SSIDs were included in the numerator and denominator of the NWEA MAP participation rates for Dropout Prevention and Recovery (DOPR) Schools. Each tab contains the SSID and two additional columns indicating whether the student was included in the numerator and/or denominator of the calculation (IN_FALL_DENOMINATOR and IN_FALL_NUMERATOR in the FALL_PARTICIPATION tab; IN_SPRING_DENOMINATOR and IN_SPRING_NUMERATOR in the SPRING_PARTICIPATION tab). A “Y” indicates the student was included and an “N” indicates the student was not included.