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EMIS Newsflash – July 5, 2012


SDC Now Open – Updated for FY2012 Report Card Data

The Secure Data Center (SDC) has been update with data submitted as of Tuesday evening and is now open for data verification.  Please refer to the May 1st 2008 newsflash under EMIS Archives on the ODE website for more information on access to the SDC.

Note:  JVSDs and ESCs do not get Local Report Cards and do not have access to the SDC so they may ignore this e-mail.

Note: It should be noted that individual cells in the Growth Measure Determinations section of the AYP Workbooks will automatically show Not Met for any subgroup meeting minimum group size criteria. This is simply the default case; it will continue until growth measure results are fully available and finalized after EMIS year-end processing is complete.

Known Issues Being Researched:

On the AYP Workbook, the Longitudinal Graduation Rate AYP determination (Met/Not Met) is not being calculated correctly.

The 5 Year Longitudinal Graduation Rate is not being populated on the AYP Workbook. In instances where multiple test records were submitted for a student for a subject and two records had the same score which also was the highest score reported, the student was count twice in the SDC testing related reports. The kindergarten count for Enrollment/ADM is showing zero at both the building and district level. There may be instances where the Participation Rate information that is displayed on reports under the Local Report Card & AYP folder may not match the information displayed on the reports under the Reports for Analysis folder.

In some instances the 1% Alternate Assessment Cap calculation is not calculating the correct Cap number in small districts/community schools and therefore is demoting an incorrect number of students.  This seems to be affecting around 60 districts state wide.

Participation Rate:  The building that the student was enrolled in at the end of the school year is being used; not the building where the student was enrolled on the date of the spring Math administration as reported on the DL record. 

Accelerated students are counting at the tested grade level for each subject; regardless of whether this is the first year of acceleration for the student.  They are also being counted in the building where they were last enrolled, regardless of any IRN reported on the new FB record. For buildings that do not have any tested grade levels, the Feeder School IRN is not being used for AYP/Rating determination.

Corrected Issues:

The 4 year adjusted cohort rate was NOT being used to determine whether the state indicator was met for graduation rate.  The legacy rate was being displayed in the SDC/Indicators & Ratings Report and was also being used to determine MET/NOT Met. 

On the AYP Workbook, the 4 Year Longitudinal Graduation Rate is now shown for all subgroups that meet the minimum subgroup size requirement.

Level 2 Reports Released

We have released the first set of level 2 reports for the FY2012 Yearend reporting period.  We have made some changes to the Category 3 Errors for Yearend reporting to cut down on the number a Critical Errors that districts need to address. Errors during FY2012N will be either 1 or 2, 'A' or 'C' errors.   'A' errors include situations of critical importance involving career tech or JVSDs, open enrollment situations, pre-school students, special education students, and state supported schools.  These errors should be corrected as soon as possible.  All other situations are now 'C' errors for FY2012N. 

The Level 2 Reports Explanations are posted on the ODE EMIS web site, click here to access them.