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EMIS Newsflash – June 21, 2018


FY18 Spring State Assessment (A) Grades 3-8 Collection, v3
Please refer to the Release Notes for details regarding this updated collection request.
Upload Your District Profile Webpage Now
The following message is from the Office of Accountability.
REMINDER – Upload your district profile webpage June 21 through June 29
In the summer of 2017, the Ohio Department of Education offered traditional community schools and traditional school districts the opportunity to submit a link to a webpage of contents that described their districts’ unique qualities and successes. This same opportunity is available now for the 2018 report card. The option to add a link is extended this year to all Career-Technical Planning Districts and to community schools that receive the dropout report card. This continues to be optional for all entities.
If your district submitted a link in 2017 and you are happy with the page that loads when a user clicks on the link, you need to confirm that you are happy with the link in the MCOECN Cherwell portal. This will ensure that all profile links displayed in 2017 will continue to be displayed in 2018. If you did not submit a link in 2017, or you would like to change your webpage, you now have the opportunity to submit your web address through MCOECN’s Cherwell system. The portal will be open from June 21 to June 29. This is your only chance to submit a link this year. 
If you have questions or need assistance, please email or contact the Department’s Office of Accountability.
SDC Now Open
The SDC is now open for review of many of the reports related to the 2018 Report Card data.
SDC Release Notes
SDC release notes are posted in a separate SDC Release Notes document on ODE’s website here. The website provides a list of SDC reports, a high level description of whether or not each report is ready for district review, and any important additional details about the status of the report, including any known issues associated with the report as of the last date the website is updated.  
SDC Release Notes will also continue to be included in the EMIS Newsflashes that go out when the SDC is open.
SDC Release Notes as of June 21, 2018
  • Several attendance reports are now available for review. Please note that these reports do not factor in FTE so they cannot be used to calculate district or school attendance rates or the chronic absenteeism rate. For more information about the Chronic Absenteeism measure calculation, please see the technical documentation.
  • District and School Gap Closing reports are now available. Note that the subgroup detail display is not currently working but the points are accurate. Also note that the English Learner (EL) Progress and Value-Added data are not factored in yet.
  • The SDC has recently experienced issues with slow performance. The Department has implemented a solution this afternoon which will hopefully correct this issue.