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EMIS Newsflash – June 9, 2015


FY14 Graduate (G) Reporting Extended
FY14 Graduate (G) Reporting has been extended through Thursday, July 2, 2015.
Community School Fatal Error Report
The Community School Fatal Error Report sent yesterday reflects all fatal errors based on the number of flags that existed on student records as of May 26, 2015.  These errors will not reconcile with your payment if you have a large number of students flagged (more than 3%).  Because of an override in the data used for the June payment, the fatal error report that was sent out on Friday, June 5 reflects only the checks that ODE runs centrally as the payment is calculated. 
Schedule for June ODE EMIS Training Sessions
ODE EMIS Trainers are back on the road again.  June EMIS Training Sessions at ITC locations across the state began last week and will continue through June 30. Topics include:  SCR Conflicts; FTE Detail, HQT, CTE, and Invalid Cert Reports; and TGRG, K3 Measure, and Retention. 
EMIS Coordinators interested in attending at a location other than the ITC used for EMIS submissions will need to contact the alternate ITC location in advance to ensure space is available.  For training locations, dates, and times, please refer to the June EMIS Training Schedule posted on ODE’s website.