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EMIS Newsflash – March 21, 2018


ODDEX Landing Page Updates
Modifications have been made to the ODDEX landing page. The primary change is the removal of the columns labelled as “New”. The removal of these columns will make the Landing Page load more quickly and will provide more options to districts. All entities should see an increase in performance whenever entering this page. Below is an example of the new look.

In place of these “New” columns, an additional selection option is now available which allows users much more flexibility.  If a count of new records is desired, every user will be able to determine their own definition of “New” by using a query and entering a value in the Days Since New selection box. The results will be a collection of records that have an update date within the value entered. This new selection option can be used in conjunction with other selection options to refine and narrow results.

Prior to this change, “New” was predetermined as “new since last login”. Note the ability to enter a Days Since New is available only when selecting any of the “New” options from the Review Status drop down.