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EMIS Newsflash – March 24, 2020


EMIS Update
We know there are questions about EMIS reporting during Ohio’s ordered school-building closure, particularly around calendars and student attendance. For many of these questions, we won’t know the updated details until the Ohio Legislature acts. Be sure to watch the EMIS Newsflashes for EMIS-specific information and the Department’s website for more comprehensive information.

Please note that Department employees are now teleworking. One result of this is that we’re a bit less responsive to phone calls, including those to the EMIS phone number. As always, for EMIS reporting questions, please contact your ITC. If they cannot assist you, they will contact the Department via the EMIS helpdesk.
EMIS ITC Conference Call Notes
The notes for the March 23, 2020, ITC Conference Call have been posted. You can find a short description of the purpose of the calls along with a link to the notes on the EMIS website.