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EMIS Newsflash – March 6, 2019


CTE FTE Check CS0024 – Senior Only Credential
The CS0024 adjustment is generated when a Senior Only Credential program has not been approved by the Office of Career Technical Education. Due to a change in the CTE-26 system, a number of districts have seen an increase in the number of CS0024 CTE FTE adjustments appearing on their CTE FTE reports, despite those courses having a CTE-26 approval. As a result, we will be disabling the CS0024 adjustment starting on Friday, March 8 while we work on correcting the issue. Any CS0024 adjustments that appeared on reports prior to March 5 will appear once again after the corrected CS0024 adjustment is re-enabled. Therefore, districts should continue to work towards resolving any issues that existed prior to March 5.