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EMIS Newsflash – May 11, 2018


Collection Request(s)
Please refer to the Release Notes for details regarding the following newly posted collection request(s).
  • FY18 Final Staff/Course (L) Collection, v6
CTE FTE Daily Summary Reports
The following Level 2 CTE FTE Daily Summary reports are now available in the Data Collector:
  • (CTEA-007) CTE FTE Daily Summary Report - Students District is Educating
  • (CTEA-008) CTE FTE Daily Summary Report - Students Initially Funded at District
  • (CTEA-009) CTE FTE Daily Summary Report - Transfers

The CTE FTE Daily Summary reports display CTE FTE data over a series of dates, including the latest processing date. A 30-day average CTE FTE is also displayed. With these reports, LEAs will be able to easily see large fluctuations in data, which could indicate a data reporting issue. A CTE FTE Daily Summary Report Explanation has been posted to the EMIS website and can be found here.
Please keep in mind that FY18 CTE Teacher Licensure/Course override requests are currently being accepted through June 1, 2018. Any requests after this date will not be accepted. More information about the CTE override process can be found on the CTE website under Data and Accountability.
Based on feedback received to date, we believe that all CTE FTE adjustments are now working as expected. Please continue to review the CTE FTE Detail and CTE Error Detail Reports and make any corrections as needed. Data for final FY18 CTE funding must be submitted by August 10, 2018, which is the close of the Final Staff and Course (L) Collection. Any appeals related to CTE funding must be completed in the FY18 Final Staff and Course Appeals window in August.
FY18 CTE March (D) Follow-up Data Review and Data Appeal Windows Open
Starting Monday, May 14 through Wednesday, May 30, superintendents of districts that offer career-technical education programming can conduct the required review of their 2018 March (D) data in EMIS. These data will affect their career technical planning districts’ technical skill, placement and industry credential measures on the 2018 Ohio Career-Technical Education Report Cards.
Superintendents are to signify whether the data are correct as they complete the “2018 Data Review for CTE” form in the Forms application in SAFE. If a superintendent sees inaccurate data, he or she also should submit an appeal by the May 30 deadline, using the “2018 Data Appeal for CTE March (D)” form.
The superintendent, EMIS coordinator and superintendent designee have access to fill out both the data review and data appeal forms. The forms are not officially submitted to the Department, however, until the superintendent approves the form.
For more information about the data review window, timeline and completion process for superintendents, click here. For answers to questions about the data review or data appeals, contact the Office of Data Quality.
Medical Waivers Open Today Through May 25
Although all students are expected to take part in state tests, there may be a rare circumstance in which a student cannot take one or more assessments during the testing window dates, including makeup dates, because of a medical emergency. In such cases, a district must submit an application for a medical emergency waiver. Superintendents, superintendent designees, principals, test coordinators and EMIS coordinators can submit 2018 applications through the online system between May 11 and 25. These administrators will have access within their SAFE accounts to a Forms link and should follow the prompts for a report card waiver.
Note that although superintendents, superintendent designees, principals, test coordinators and EMIS coordinators can enter information into the form, the official submission to the Department requires the superintendent or superintendent designee to approve the form and complete the process. The Department will only review forms that receive this official local approval. Please direct questions concerning medical emergency waivers to Renee Bellamy at (614) 466-5853 or email

May/June 2018 ODE ITC EMIS Training Sessions
ODE EMIS Training Staff are scheduled for their next round of visits to ITC locations across the state from May 21 to June 7, 2018. The agenda will focus on Closing FY18 and Preparing for FY19 and will include information about a variety of topics, including new reports and report explanations, new program codes, and FY19 changes.

EMIS Coordinators interested in attending at a location other than the ITC used for EMIS submissions will need to contact the alternate ITC location in advance to ensure space is available. For training locations, dates, and times, please refer to the May/June 2018 EMIS Training Schedule posted on ODE’s website. ITC contact information is available within the OEDS application. Select “Search Organization”, then select “ITC” in the “Search by Organization Type” dropdown.